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Tick Tag Go is a community-powered effort to establish baseline data on tick distributions in Nebraska. With new tick species being identified in the state, records of tick presence are critical to understanding which species are found where.

This project relies on passive surveillance - the collection of ticks that you come across in your daily routine and activities. Ticks can carry serious diseases - please do not actively search for ticks.

Join our iNaturalist project to submit photos for identificationSubmit your photo + data on iNaturalist for an identification to be determined Photographs may not always allow for species identification. We may reach out to you to discuss details of your submission.

Saving specimens for species identification: If you are interested in preserving your specimen for identification, store the tick in a leak-proof vial with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and contact us for shipment details.

Find us on iNaturalist and Facebook.

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